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Each month we hold Webinars which have become increasingly popular, not only with ouMembers, but also the wider legal community. On average our Supermen Webinars are viewed by over 750 legal professionals such as Solicitors, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Will Writers and IFA's. Our Experts cover topical subjects relevant to the industry, including new legislation, changes to legislation, strategies and the types of planning available to you. All of our Webinars are recorded and added to our Members site to view, along with the slides and any handouts.

Supermen Webinars

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Supermen Webinar 31 

Clients who own Buy to Let Property

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10:00am until 11:00am on both days

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Clients who own Buy to Let Property

Topics covered include:

What estate planning services can we offer a client with rental, residential or commercial property…

  • Can the client gift the property to reduce IHT and still receive the rental income?
  • Can the client settle the property or properties into Trust pregnant with gain and not pay the CGT?
  • How do you calculate the CLT if gifting into Trust and how do I ensure that the CLT is not breached?
  • Will income be taxed at 45%?

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