PROFESSIONAL BUNDLE Available at a reduced rate, compared to purchasing each package individually

Our Professional Bundles

We have introduced Professional Bundles for those of you who want to offer your clients a full estate planning service, whilst generating your own legal documents. 

We realise that making your business paperless is important in this day and age, so we have ensured that you will have access to all our latest paperless features, at no additional cost. You will also have access to our latest releases, including the NEW Will Clarity Package, the NEW CRM system, the NEW Multiple Trust Package, and more.

Professional Processing Bundle
£100 + VAT per month

These Packages are for professionals who are generating the legal documents. The Professional Processing Bundle includes ALL of the below Packages , at a reduced rate of only £100 + VAT per month (compared to purchasing each Package individually).

Please note: the Professional Bundle includes only one Power of Attorney Package.

  • Essential Package
  • Powers of Attorney packages
  • Client Personalised Document Commentary Package
  • Will Clarity Package
  • Marketing package
  • Paperless Packages
  • CRM System
  • Multiple Sibling Trusts

Professional field agent Bundle
£20 + VAT per month

The Professional Field Agent Bundle is for companies who have Field Advisors who only take instructions for products and services, and is available at a reduced rate of only £20 + VAT per month.

This Bundle allows you to take instructions for ALL products above and electronically send on to your central processing team.