Paperless PackageNow including our E-asySignLegal system


No more paper! Automatically generate and electronically sign at the touch of a button your Terms of Business, Receipt and Rights to Cancel. 

It automatically enters your Company and your clients information, including your charges on your client's receipt. As everything is done electronically, this completely removes the need to do any paperwork and potentially means you only have to see your client once!

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You can also automatically produce a receipt personalised with your prices, detailing VAT and if applicable, any OPG fees or de minimus costs due. The Software provides multiple options for taking client payments, and can even calculate discounts (as a figure or a percentage), instalment plans and more. 

Personalised Client Disclaimer

Are you still wasting time and money compiling lengthy covering letters for your clients? How good would it be if you are able to AUTOMATICALLY produce a document during the instruction taking process summarising your clients decisions?

  • Automatically produced at the touch of a button
  • No need to send covering letters
  • Save time and money with e-signatures, as clients can electronically sign during the meeting or via a website later
  • Highlights risk and areas of concern such as tax implications or if storage isn't ordered, ensuring best practice is followed
  • Each and every Disclaimer is personalised and client specific
  • Flexible allowing you to choose which areas of concern to include and which to remove
  • Ability to include additional comments which may be of concern to your clients

Whilst the software automatically adheres to "best practice", the Client Disclaimer offers both you and your clients further protection, helping to mitigate risk and indemnifying you against potential claims

And we're not stopping there...

The Client Disclaimer can be signed electronically by your clients at the meeting, or your client can be automatically emailed a link to a website to electronically sign later. There will be no need to print any documents at any stage.. If for any reason your clients forget to sign, we have implemented a system where Countrywide Legacy will automatically email reminders to your clients.

Electronic Notes and To-Do notes

No longer will you need to take notes on paper at a client meeting. You can seamlessly enter notes into the Software, ensuring nothing is lost and all the information is secure. These notes can be stored on the client's profile for future reference, and can even be added to the Client Disclaimer. You can also create to-do tasks lists for your own personal reference, which can be marked off once completed.

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Bonus Feature
Document Preview

Preview legal documents in real time whilst taking client instructions.

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