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Tired of having to print off reams of paperwork for the client to complete and sign at the Point of Sale? 

Well now you don’t have to!  Our Point of Sale Plus package allows you to go through and sign these documents with your client Electronically.

The Point of Sale package produces everything from the receipt, your terms of business, cancellation forms and even a Client Disclaimer and what’s more, all of these documents can be branded to reflect your own company name and logo all of which makes the sale a stress free paperless process!

What’s more, the Software will allow you to add all of your own prices into the system, meaning that the receipt will automatically be produced correctly, ensuring that you need not worry about adding the specific figures on every case.

The client will be able to electronically tick the relevant boxes to confirm their agreement of the relevant clauses in the terms of business etc and proceed to sign them on screen.

The Software can then automatically email the Point of sale documents direct to the client and send you a copy for your own records.

It may well be that the client prefers to have printed copies for their records, and this is an option too. You will NOT however, need to have them signed by the client as they have been generated by, and electronically signed in the Software. 

At Countrywide Legacy we understand just how important it is to know that your choice of Will writing Software ensures you are fully protected. Our personalised Client Disclaimer makes certain that you are covered should your clients decide not to follow “best advice” and is generated by the Software with every client Instruction. 

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