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At Countrywide Legacy, many more Plus Packages and features are on their way as we continue to develop our Software with your needs at the forefront of our plans.

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Invaluable at the "Point of Sale", our Client Support Information Sheets and our Key Features and Benefits Sheets help explain and cement the recommendations being made. Brand all Sheets with your Company details, logo and colours. Receive the most up to date information directly from the Software, at the click of a button.

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Get the "Estate Planning message" across to your existing and potential clients using our light hearted but thought provoking range of cartoons. All of our cartoons can be branded with your Company details and logo on request.

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Tired of filling out those Probate Forms? With our Probate Package, the Software will complete the relevant Probate Forms for you. In addition, the Software Package will also draft the valuation letters, inform your clients of progress each week and construct the Terms of Business.

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Wish you could produce the Financial Summary, Estate Planning Recommendations and Full Estate Planning Report at the touch of a button? With the Estate Planning Report Package, you can! Also, use its search facility to target market clients, allowing you to export your clients with specific products or criteria.

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