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Our Essential Package is paramount to your Estate Planning Business. It contains all you need to get started. You can’t afford to say No!

  • Save time and money not having to pay for processing costs and corrections. Get it right first time, every time.
  • Draft many documents with our Essential Package at the touch of a button, including all Signing Notes.
  • No compromising! Tailor built to suit your business model.
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Once you have purchased your Essential Package, you can boost profits even further by simply bolting on any of our Plus Packages to suit your own business, increasing the range of products you are able to sell.

Countrywide Legacy
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  • Flexible Interest in Possession Trusts.
  • Discretionary Trusts (of all or part of residue).
  • Provides Trustees with the full discretion as to who, how and when any Potential Beneficiaries of the Discretionary Trust are to benefit.

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Our Packages provide you with all you need to create a Power of Attorney and more
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (England & Wales).
  • Powers of Attorney (Scotland).
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (Northern Ireland).
  • Includes Signing Notes.

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Most legal documents are extremely complex and confusing for a client and often leads to a lot of time being wasted having to answer the same questions over again. Our document commentary does all the hard work for you. Our Commentary is personalised and:
  • Identifies all those people named by the client for various roles within their Will.
  • Provides a clear definition of all the clauses used within their Will, or Trusts settled by the Will, in client friendly language that is so easy to understand. Read more...

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No monthly cost! Buy “Trust Lives” as and when you need them.
  • Life Assurance Trust (inc Split Trust) and Deed of Assignment.
  • Pension Trust and Nomination of Death Benefits (inc Flexi Access Beneficiaries).
  • Investment Probate Trust and Deed of Assignment of a Bond.  Read more...
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Automatically generate personalised letters to your clients/other parties.
  • Marketing Letters personalised to you and your clients at the touch of a button.
  • Letters to Guardians, Executors, Trustees.
  • Letters to substitute/temporary Trustees.
  • Letters to Certificate Providers.
  • Letters to Attorneys. 

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Draft documents at ease, and automatically produce personalised Order Summaries and personalised Signing Notes with our Software, for no extra cost.

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    PI Insurance is available with all of our Packages making the process of taking client Instructions RISK FREE.

    More products and more profitability for you and your business:

    Some of our products and service are 'Price on Application', such as:

    • Conveyance Documents (FR1, DL, Declaration of Trust, RX1, TR1, Assent etc)
    • Trust of Land 
    • Deed of Variation
    • Cross Option Agreements

    This means there isn't a monthly fee to pay and you are able to pick and choose as and when you order these products.

    Please click the button below to view the full list of legal documents that you can generate with Countrywide Legacy.

    Full list of legal documents

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    Many more Packages and features are on their way as we continue to develop our Software making your business needs our first priority.

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