Plus PackagesSimply bolt on after purchasing your Essential Package

Why not opt for our Professional Bundles?
 Available at a reduced rate (compared to purchasing each Package individually).

We have introduced Professional Bundles for those of you who want to offer your clients a full estate planning service, whilst generating your own legal documents.

We realise that making your business paperless is important in this day and age, so we have ensured that you will have access to all of our latest paperless features, such as the Paperless Package, creating electronic notes within the software, to-do notes, digital illustrations, and the new CRM system to manage your appointments and prospects, at no additional cost.

You will also have access to our latest releases, including the NEW Will Clarity Package, the NEW CRM system, the NEW Multiple Sibling Trusts Package and much more...

our RANGE OF PLUS Packages

Once you have purchased your Essential Package, you can choose to bolt on any of our Plus Packages to generate even more legal documents yourself.

  • Powers of Attorney packages
  • Client Personalised Document Commentary Package
  • Life Assurance, Pension & Investment Bond Trust package
  • Marketing package
  • Paperless Packages
  • Will Clarity Package
  • CRM System
  • Multiple Sibling Trusts
  • Additional Legal Documents


Clients are demanding more than just technically correct documents, important as that is. It’s all about communication. Communication is not just part of customer service; it is the most important part of customer service and so how we communicate with our customers is critical.

So, why not just use email to communicate with your customers they meet all the above requirements right? Wrong! Email is not secure. Hackers can intercept and modify emails without you or your client realising! Our industry is seeing an increasing number of cybersecurity problems relating to use and misuse of emails. We have been working hard to find an easy-to-use solution to ensure that important data and documentation can be transmitted digitally and, more importantly, in a safe and efficient manner. As a company we have been researching the market for some time looking for a system which we could use as a new safe and efficient way of communicating with our clients Ideally, we wanted to work in partnership with a company which is progressive, like-minded and sufficiently flexible to incorporate our individual requirements. The aim being to build a complete 2- way communication system for all of our clients. 

Having reviewed a number of products and services our chosen provider for this service is Alpha Legal and we have partnered with them


Alpha Legal is a web-based secure client communication system. It is easy to use (both for you and your clients) and has been built for the Legal services industry. It has a number of growing capabilities enabling you to send secure messages to your clients, AML/ID checks, complete forms and share information in a GDPR-compliant and simple way. Further features are also being developed to allow the uploading and signing of documents.

Alpha Legal is also able to link their system with our own in-house systems and currently is linked into our own Will writing software, Countrywide Legacy. This saves you time and effort and enables information to be passed in both directions between the platforms meaning you won’t have to key information in twice! The system has been set up to allow AML/ID requests to be launched direct to the client from our will writing software and documents can also be sent direct to the client once processed through the Countrywide Legacy software, ensuring a seamless process.