Life Assurance, Pension & Investment Bond Plus Packages No monthly cost!

life assurance

Life Assurance Plus Package

This package not only allows you to order the Assignment document to assign the benefits of your client’s Life Assurance Policies to an existing Countrywide Assurance Trust, but allows you to produce a full Life Assurance Trust yourself, for your clients.


Pension Plus Package

Most people set up Pension Plans to ensure that they can maintain a reasonable standard of living for themselves after they have stopped working. But what happens to that pension pot and / or any Death in Service entitlement if they happen to die whilst still in service? 

investment bonds

Investment Bond Plus Package

Many people want to feel that they have something to fall back on in their later years and so build up their savings throughout the years. A common recommendation made to clients is that of a ‘Life Assurance Bond’ also often referred to as an Investment Bond. 

life assurance table