Your Legal CRM System Allows you to manage all of your prospects, client interactions, appointments and more!

How our Legal CRM System will help your business

For some time now, many of our Software users have been asking if we would consider setting up a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system which will allow them to manage their prospects and appointments simply but effectively.

We listened to you and have developed 'Your Legal CRM' which allows you to manage your client appointments, all from one place which can be accessed on any device while you're on the go, meaning that you need never miss an appointment again, no matter where you are!

Your Legal CRM is unique and has been designed solely for Will and Estate Planning professionals as a business management tool. It is bespoke to Countrywide and has been built by the same team of expert programmers who created both the Countrywide Legacy software and our online order tracking facility. This ensures that the CRM successfully integrates with all of your systems and can offer you a range of features specific to your Estate Planning business

Watch our video to see it in action!

User friendly, with clearly marked functions on your main Dashboard 

The CRM can be accessed through a secure website or via Countrywide Legacy

Designed to be fully GDPR and PECR compliant

Syncs to your Legacy calendar as well as external calendars such as Outlook and Gmail

Securely accessed using any device

What does it cost?

Our starter Package is FREE with the Professional Bundle, or purchase for only £20 + VAT per month!

Your Legal CRM will help you improve your conversion rates and smash your sales targets... 

so what are you waiting for?

For more information or to purchase your Legal CRM, contact our Marketing Team NOW!

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