Client Personalised Document Commentary PackageOur document commentary does all the hard work for you

We have all had that sinking feeling when a client asks us a question and we really do not know the answer. 

So, why not let us throw you a lifeline?

Most legal documents are extremely complex and can be really confusing for your clients given all the “legalese” they contain and so they will look to you as their Adviser, to provide a full and comprehensive explanation of all the clauses and jargon included in their Will and other legal documents. 

Our document commentary:

  • Reduces client questions and is written in plain English
  • Is unique, personalised and looks professional
  • Is generated automatically with your legal documents

document commentary

We understand that some Will Drafting Software packages in the market place include the option of a Document Commentary for the Wills you produce, but Countrywide Legacy goes one better!

Our Client Personalised Document Commentary ensures that all of your client’s questions are answered simply but fully and provides precise clarification on certain terms within the Will, saving you time taken up in lengthy explanations.

The Commentary is not just a standard form commentary as supplied by many companies, it is “client specific” and so completely personal to your client, containing detailed information on all of their Executors, Guardians, beneficiaries etc. appointed in the Will.

The first part identifies all those people named by the client for various roles within their Will such as Executors and Guardians.

The second part includes clear definitions of the clauses used within Trusts contained in or settled by the Will, as well as explanations of the clauses used in the Will, in client friendly language that is so easy to understand.

The Commentary looks extremely professional and detailed, seeming as though it has taken a lot of time to produce, when in reality it is produced at the click of a button!

Watch the video below to see how the commentary looks inside the Software!