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Regular and Relevant

We hold monthly Supermen and Masterclass webinars focusing on topics which are relevant to the industry, such as changes in legislation, new strategies or the types of planning available to you. We understand that you may not always have the time to watch our webinars when they are broadcasted, or that you may want to recap on a particular subject. With this in mind, all of our webinars are recorded exclusively for our Members and is added to our Advisor Website to view, along with the slides and any handouts.

A little taster for you!

We currently have close to 40 webinars and presentation slides on a variety of topics for you to watch and replay at your own convenience. Please see a selection of our past webinars:

Supermen Webinar 23

What Properties to benefit the Client should the Asset Protection Trusts have (PPPT)?

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Supermen Webinar 28

Residence Nil Rate Band - Fact or Fiction? 

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You will also have access to our public presentations and slides, enabling you to deliver your own seminars to groups of clients.