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Unlike most Software, which is designed exclusively for individual users, Countrywide Legacy® has been created with Large Companies and multiple users in mind. User friendly and intelligent, our Legal Document Drafting Software can be run in a variety of ways to suit your business. Powerful workflow processes ensures that users are doing the right work, at the right time, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of Field Agents and support staff and reducing costly errors, saving you both time and money.

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Having spent so many years in the Will writing industry, taking instructions from clients ourselves, we understand just what you need. Countrywide Legacy® has been written by our team of experts to not only draft legal documents, but also assist in running your whole business more efficiently.

Please note that Countrywide Legacy® is only compatible on Windows based machines and tablets.

Our expertise means we are always ahead of legislation changes, developing innovative strategies to protect your clients and ensuring our software guides you seamlessly through the entire process. For example, Countrywide Legacy® protects the instruction taker from creating a tax event, and we have also developed a Discretionary Trust which automatically qualifies for the new Residence Nil Rate Band, without Trustees needing to make an appointment.


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