Software for private client Solicitors – it’s an ideal fit

Countrywide Legacy is a software product that reduces your costs and helps to cut down errors; thereby reducing risks and the likelihood of claims.

Using Countrywide Legacy to prepare documentation can dramatically cut down on non-chargeable time for your fee earners by reducing unnecessary administration and the duplication of data input. This allows the fee earner to focus on more productive tasks and increase the number of chargeable units they are able to bill. It will also boost the profitability of working to a fixed fee by speeding up the process significantly therefore saving time and improving productivity for you and your team.

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Here’s what you could save with Countrywide Legacy

A typical scenario in a Wills and Probate department would be - Mr & Mrs Smith wish to make Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Easy to use

Our customers tell us that Countrywide Legacy is incredibly easy to use and is the ideal fit for a busy private client practice. Our software provides the structure and framework which allows you to work more effectively whilst also improving the service delivered to clients. As we know that the majority of client complaints received by the Legal Ombudsman each year relate to poor communication. As Countrywide Legacy encourages proactive and easy-to-understand communication with clients and provides straightforward mechanisms for this; adopting Countrywide will help to keep clients happy and avoid potential complaints.

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Countrywide Legacy guides the fee earner through the drafting of your client’s legal documents in a seamless manner. Not only does this help with retaining clients and keep your clients coming back to you – and referring their friends and family – time after time. Countrywide [link to ‘about’ section] also offers support services giving you the option to outsource elements of work that you might not want to do – or may not have the resources to do in-house, whilst still leaving you firmly in the driving seat with the client.

Trusted Solutions

The templates and clauses held within Countrywide Legacy have been developed through the combination of practical client experience gained over many years and the assistance of leading Barristers from Chambers in Birmingham and London.

Our trusts are written in ‘plain English’ making it easier for clients to understand and easier for your fee earners to guide the client to the right course of action for them rather than clients being baffled by jargon and legalese. The use of clear and simple language also assist fee earners in avoiding any mistakes that could result in a costly professional negligence claim.

Risk management

One the information has been captured and input (without the need for double keying), preparing a Will, Trust, or Lasting Power of Attorney document is as easy as ‘clicking a button’. The documents are prepared in a printable format, instantly, ensuring that human error is reduced to the bare minimum and thus reducing the possibility of any potential negligence claim against the firm.

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At Countrywide Legacy we understand just how important it is to know that your choice of will writing software is compliant. Not only is our system built in line with the STEP Will Writing Code of Practice and using the expertise of our in-house TEPs and legal experts, Countrywide Legacy also manages risk and provides an audit trail at every stage, ensuring that you and your clients are fully protected.

Countrywide Legacy also risk-manages and audits the process at every stage, ensuring that you and your clients are fully protected.

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Intelligent Software

Countrywide Legacy asks all the necessary and relevant questions and accurately steers the instruction taker through the entire process based on the answers provided and in keeping with best practice. Information cannot be missed out and all questions must be answered, you can therefore rest easy knowing that there is no risk of incomplete or incorrect instructions. The software allows you the flexibility of being able to pass on Will drafting to less experienced members of your practice and therefore significantly reduce costs.  


User friendly and flexible, our Legal Document Drafting Software can be run in a variety of ways to suit your business. Powerful workflow processes ensures that users are doing the right work at the right time, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of your support staff and reducing costly errors, saving you both time and money.

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Our Software ensures that this part of your business is more efficient and your profit is increased. So, why not eliminate those costly processing fees, expand the product range you can draft through our Will writing software package and save time and money by joining us today?

What can it do for you and your business?

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Save on time!

Our software does not allow you to send incomplete orders electronically
so there is no need to spend time chasing information after submission.

Save on errors!

Receive all the information at outset, thus minimising errors which you would need to rectify later, incurring additional costs. 

Draft documents at the click of a button!

Countrywide Legacy asks the questions necessary for the chosen estate planning then makes recommendations. Take instruction and rely on our estate planning expertise,
it is so easy.

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Let's get started...

Our Essential Package has everything you need to complete the sale, and so much more.

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