Countrywide Legacy, which is owned by Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd, provides bespoke legal document drafting software packages to thousands of registered users throughout the UK.  Written and built by our team of experts, Countrywide Legacy not only drafts a large range of legal documents, everything from a Will to a Trust of Land, but also assists in running a business more efficiently whilst enhancing client service. 

With Countrywide Legacy, you can easily enter, store and utilise your clients and prospective client’s details in one place. Our intelligent software can be used both online and offline, can be personalised and rebranded with your own company details, can be accessed on multiple devices and is intuitive. 

Our software uses features such as required fields meaning you'll never miss out any relevant information. Countrywide Legacy is intelligent and analyses the data within an order to highlight concerns, and utilises message dialogues to help build an order, live updated previews of documents, training videos, electronic signatures and much more. This ensures that you are able to produce comprehensive legal documents, confidentially, at the touch of a button. Records of each clients’ orders are stored, making it easy to review orders and documentation from client meetings and subsequent orders.

Google Calendar

Countrywide Legacy makes it simple to link your appointments in the software with your Google calendar. You can set this up by authorising Countrywide Legacy to access your Google Calendar by providing your password and username. These details are then used to add and manage software appointments within your Google calendar. No other appointments will be removed or added.  This means you will be able to have access to your client appointments  available on your favourite device at all times.

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