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five stars
Interface Trusts logo

Interface Trusts - Alan Moran

Countrywide’s Legacy Software is the best ever and it keeps getting better and better with continual improvements and an impressive development program. But Legacy is not just a piece of Software because you have all of the Countrywide legal expertise and marketing help at your disposal: I really feel part of a team and I recommend them to everyone who wants to offer a professional Will & LPA service to their clients.

The Right Will logo

The Right Will

Really like the new software Clive, much slicker and easier to use and the signing instructions are very client friendly. It’s saving us a lot of time at inputting stage and it will certainly reduce the number of LPAs that come back to us signed incorrectly. Great job team!

Richard Simpson Protection logo

Richard Simpson Protection - Richard Simpson

I think your new software is so user friendly, with prompts when we forget to add a section, big graphic words that are easy to read and sections to complete!I must mention your department teams, they are so helpful and don’t patronise us when we ask a common question, your Financial Sheet answers are always fully explained and clear, please tell them they are all doing a great job! All in all, I can see myself and my business valuing greatly by your help and support!

Wood Estate Planning logo

Wood Estate Planning - Carol Wood

I just wanted to write to let you know how fantastic the new LPA Software Package is. I have just bought this package last and have already submitted 4 LPAs which has more than paid for the upfront fee and the next 12 months. The site is as simple to use as the original site and the input screens are easy to follow and navigate, the only difference being that I now have the option to print off the documents myself and save the Countrywide administration costs and STEP fee. I think this is such a good idea and this new approach will improve my profit margins considerably. Thanks again for implementing this service, it really shows that Countrywide are thinking about their Advisers and how to help them improve their service and at the same time increase their profits.

Evolve Financial Services

Evolve Financial Services  - Alistair Main

Only recently started using but has already expanded our client bank through increased referrals. Just the simplicity - very easy to use and equally easy to find answers to any questions. All the staff I've spoken to have been great, very helpful and keen to explain things in a way that helps me, as a newbie, understand the various options and processes

Miller Reeves Ltd

Miller Reeves Limited - Pinder Mandair 

Fantastic software package. Without this software package it would be very difficult and time consuming to process cases. My favourite feature is the ability to save information and revert back to this when required.

Town and County Estate Planning

Town & County Estate Planning  - Harvey Sandhu

Countrywide Legacy has allowed me to take instructions on simple Wills & LPAs with ease. LPAs commentary and instructions to clients on signing is spot on.

Dornworth Management Ltd

Dornworth Management Ltd - Paul Hassall

Promoting throughout input of data to ensure completeness is my favourite feature of Countrywide Legacy. It has also helped my business to provide a high tech workable solution to deliver a professional estate planning service second to none!

Sure Will Limited

Sure Will Limited - Colin Hall 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Countrywide Legacy and the Countrywide Group.

CRN Financial Group

CRN Financial Group - Peter Gallagher 

Countrywide Legacy has helped my business generate new fees, huge uplift in client perception of advice service, multiple referrals and client retention. Favourite feature of Countrywide Legacy is the pre-population of fields.

CRN Financial Group

Lovelace Trust Solutions Ltd - Ian Lovelace 

Countrywide Legacy has helped my business to utilise the fool proof system of information gathering. I wouldn't have a business without it.

CRN Financial Group

HRC Group - Kevin Smith 

Countrywide Legacy has helped my business massively. The knowledge of their Estate Planning Helpline has been invaluable.